Designlink is a communication tool which allows easy secure communication of the development of a Project using the Internet, and to document the development process.

Save time

Designlink was developed to save time in dealing with the emailing of files, facilitate group interaction to accelerate development and allow more input throughout the design process.

Keep in touch

Users of Designlink are able to travel while keeping in touch with a project, they can work from home and cut costs by saving travel expenses.


Designlink is not a Content Management System, it is a communication tool with the ability to post content relating to a project and receive feedback from as many people as you like.

Why Designlink?

Designlink allows anyone with very little training to make content available to others on the Internet while maintaining that content in a structured way that shows the progression of a project in effect documenting the design process.

Informed Decisions

The content is made available to users by a grouping system which allows for separating feedback so different groups can comment on content and receive automatic email notifications based on the groups they belong to. This keeps everyone working on a project informed and allows them the opportunity to contribute information to help the decision making process which is invaluable when working with people across multiple fields of expertise.


Unlike many services you do not pay on a per user basis. The price is per project and is calculated from the disk space that a project uses. This means that if for any reason there are no projects running you can keep your Designlink account active without incurring any ongoing costs so you only pay for Designlink when you are using it.
Read more about pricing plans here.


Designlink has many features to make communication easier. Two key features Imagelink and Archiving.


Imagelink is a tool within Designlink which allows you to communicate in real-time. Imagelink creates a shared whiteboard with an uploaded image as the background allowing you to markup and point at the image using your mouse while someone at the other end of the country or halfway round the world can see what you're pointing at, this makes telephone conferencing allot easier and eliminates misunderstanding. Imagelink also allows many people to join in so you can have several people actively involved or it can be used by a single person and the markup can be saved as a visual comment that others can then view.

Project Archive

Once a project is finished it can be Archived to static HTML which contains all the information collected during the course of the project. It can then be provided to the client as well as backed up for future reference.